Security Surveillance

It's Your World must without fear. 

CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television. It uses strategically placed video cameras to transmit vision back to one localised position, as opposed to standard television which is broadcast outward to everywhere. Used primarily as a tool for monitoring and crime prevention, CCTV systems can also act as a business management tool that offers staff protection, assists with OH&S issues, and can also be used to provide valuable evidence in investigations to assist the identification of offenders.
The use of commercial CCTV systems in community and business environments has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has become a good solution to improve general security and is a reliable deterrent to anti-social behaviour in the community.
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Benefits of Security surveillance:

  • Prevent Crime
  • Prevent Employee Theft
  • Be a useful piece of evidence 
  • Help law enforcement solve crime 
  • Keep an eye on children and elderly folks
  • Keep an eye on things
  • Protecting your staff
  • Encourage good behaviour
  • Monitoring high-risk area
  • Increase customer’s confidence

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